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Carrie Maxwell founded HABIT in 2005 as San Francisco's first wax-only establishment. With a dedicated focus on personal grooming, her studio quickly became one of the Bay Area’s most-shared secrets. Today, HABIT is a collective of independent estheticians ready to meet your needs with expert techniques in both waxing and sugaring.

Housed in an off-street location only accessible by code, HABIT is a unique and worthy addition to any body care routine. Experience a tradition of craftsmanship in care brought to you by the recommendation of a trusted friend.

HABIT'S wax bar offers several different options, including both hard and strip wax. Waxing stands out as an excellent choice for individuals with thick or coarse hair, as well as those with less sensitive skin, and for precision work such as brow shaping. Our commitment to your comfort extends to our expertise in temperature control, ensuring that our wax is meticulously tempered for the most comfortable application possible. By offering a selection of waxing options and prioritizing precision and comfort, we aim to provide you with a personalized and satisfying experience at HABIT. Speak with your esthetician to determine the best waxing method for your unique needs.
A room-temperature sugar mixture is applied directly onto the skin, then flicked off with a quick movement of the hand. There are no fabric strips or tongue depressors used with this technique. The sugar paste is pushed into each follicle against the hair growth, then removed in the same direction of growth. This process creates less breakage and pain while removing hair from the root. Sugaring is suitable for all skin and body parts, but is especially beneficial to those who suffer from ingrown hairs or are sensitive to pain. Since only 7-10 days of growth are needed, sugaring can also complement a regular waxing schedule should an unexpected event arise.
We understand that not everyone fits into binary categories and want to honor you, as an individual. For this reason, we offer timed services to tailor each session to your unique needs. Different body areas require different amounts of time, and hormones affect the amount and depth of hair growth. Please use your judgment when booking, as charges are based on time ($175 per hour), not specific body parts. For any concerns about your first visit, feel free to call or email us. Our team welcomes any info that will help them serve you best, including your preferred pronouns and terms you use to refer to parts of your body. Thank you for letting us honor who you are!